SpagoBI is the only entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite.  

It enables organizations with timely well-informed decision-making power through highly interactive dashboards and business analytics.  

What SpagoBi offers?

SpagoBi Reporting


Realize structured reports and export them using the most suitable format (HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, TXT, CSV, RTF).

SpagoBi Multidimensional Analysis (OLAP)

Multidimensional analysis (OLAP)

Expore your data on different detail levels and from different perspectives, through drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice, drill-through processes.

SpagoBi Charts


Develop ready-to-use charts according to your single charts and interactive ones. Use it separately or aggregate them into a cockpit for a richer view on your data!

SpagoBi KPIs


SpagoBI offers a complete set of tools to create, manage, view and browse KPI hierarchy models, through different methods, calculation rules, thresholds and alarm rules.

SpagoBi Interactive Cockpits

Interactive cockpits

Aggregate different analysis into a single view, set navigation paths, and explore your data a dynamic and graphical way.

SpagoBi Ad-hoc Reporting

Ad-hoc reporting

Self-create your multi-sheet reports, including tables, cross-tables and charts.
SpagoBi Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence

Visualize your business data on maps (i.e. static map catalogues or web mapping/feature services) and interact dynamically to get instant views.

SpagoBi Free Inquiry

Free Inquiry

A QbE (Query by Example) engine makes data exploration and navigation particularly intuitive and easy, thanks to an entirely graphical and web-based interface. Then save your queries for future use.

SpagoBi Data Mining

Data mining

Advanced data analysis allowing you to extract knowledge from large volumes of data, to improve your decision-making and business strategies.
SpagoBi Network Analysis

Network analysis

Visualize and interpret relations among entities through specialized views. An entity can be animate (e.g. social media users) or inanimate (e.g. countries, companies, projects).

SpagoBi ETL


SpagoBI integrates the open source product TOS (Talend Open Studio), to load data into the data warehouse and managing them at your convenience.
SpagoBi Collaboration


Create structured report dossiers, enrich your analysis with personal notes and comments posted by users. Then share them through a collaborative workflow.
SpagoBi Office Automation

Office automation

Publish your personal documents into your BI environment, integrating common Office tools (Open Office or MS Office).
SpagoBi Masterdata Management

Masterdata management

Users can write back to the database and modify table data through an intuitive user interface, whose behavior can be set by means of simple configuration parameters, using pre-defined models.
SpagoBi External Process

External processes

Manage your analytical processes, which can run in the background or be scheduled to start and stop at a scheduled time.

Why choose SpagoBI ?

Open Source

Its 100% open source Business Intelligence Suite free to download hence helping you save on license costs.

Self Service

Now you can self-build your analytics not only on certified enterprise data but also with private and unstructured data, contained in your personal CSV and XLS files. Define queries on your data instantly, with a few clicks and simple drag&drop actions, save results for future use and share them with others!

What-if Analysis

SpagoBI what-if analysis allows you to simulate scenarios and predict the effects of potential changes in your business strategies. Based on an OLAP client, SpagoBI What-if tool makes multidimensional analysis quick and accessible to all, in order to meet emerging decision-making requirements. Instant insights on your data are enabled at different detail levels and from different perspectives, also through drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice and drill-through processes.

  In Memory

 In additional to traditional data warehouses, SpagoBI supports in-memory technologies, in order to enable faster data insights and get the highest analytical efficiency. SpagoBI enables data mash-up into interactive cockpits, which you can build by yourself. Navigate your data according to a dynamic and interactive approach, and make real-time decisions on all aspects of your business, even using extra-events and data.

Location Intelligence

More than 80% of enterprise data are localised: how extract valuable information from them?

SpagoBI provides different tools (i.e.GEO/GIS engines) to create your thematic maps, on which you can instantly and easily identify patterns, trends and/or critical areas to improve your business processes. The capture of spatial data is totally based on open standards approved by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


Realize and tailor your business analytics no matter where you are with SpagoBI mobile! Characterized by an entirely web-based and touch-enabled front-end, SpagoBI mobile can explore any data from your tablet and smartphone, through interactive reports, dashboards and cockpits.

Social Network Analysis

SpagoBI provides specific tools for social network listening and monitoring, crucial to make proper decisions and develop effective business strategies. Thanks to a diversified set of insights, you can extract and analyze data flowing on Social Networks (i.e. Twitter), including but not limited to keywords, hashtags, followers, short-links and SpagoBI documents. Analysis can be performed on real-time data (stream of tweet data) or historic data (regarding a specific time period).

Big Data

Build your own Big Data analytics with SpagoBI, optimized to allow you to easily extract knowledge and value from large volumes of heterogeneous data. According to emerging needs, SpagoBI can handle data of any format, allowing you to perform your analysis even on unstructured data, such as audio files, videos and images. To this end, data sources range from analytical databases and appliances (such as Teradata, VectorWise, Netezza) to NoSQL databases (such as Hive, HBase, Cassandra, OrientDB, MongoDB), as well as from HDFS, in its standard distributions (Hadoop) or enriched distributions (Hortonworks, Cloudera, Impala).

Real Time

Extract relevant information from streaming data and define effective business strategies! SpagoBI allows you to constantly monitor your business data and processes through a dynamic and flexible approach. New business opportnuities are easily identified, while inefficiencies and bottlenecks are promptly faced.Results are then visualized through intuitive and rich business analytics (e.g. reports, KPIs, interactive charts) for informed decision-making, even combining historical data with real-time data. Monitor your business process and customize your real-time analytics no matter where you are, thanks to SpagoBI for mobile.